a perfect day to be married.

this was such an awesome wedding to be a part of.

the family = so much fun.

definitely my kind of people. veeery entertaining πŸ™‚

and the bride was so so so very super laid back. i believe she asked me if i needed anything at least 5 times throughout the night. she totally stole my thunder because i am supposed to ask her that question!

so yeah needless to say she was awesome too.

here are a few from the day…

especially by june of next year!
so awesome!
πŸ™‚October 21, 2010 – 11:13 pm

Natalie Clayshulte - For a non-wedding photographer, you sure know how to rock the camera! Beautiful pictures!!October 21, 2010 – 11:25 pm

Krista Muskovin - beautiful job Kim!October 21, 2010 – 11:37 pm

Matt - Whatevs. I’m sending all my wedding photography inquiries your way now. Great job.October 21, 2010 – 11:47 pm

Karen - so beautiful, kim! i think weddings may be your next big thing!October 22, 2010 – 12:50 am

Amy - Bravo my friend!October 22, 2010 – 1:15 am

michele - kim, these are breathtaking. beautiful job. beautiful!!October 22, 2010 – 7:38 am

Sharon - gorgeous shots kim! you should be doing this for sure!October 22, 2010 – 8:35 am

Laurie Fontenot - These are amazing, Kim! My fave is the last one. Not only because that going away dress kicks ass, but I love how he’s carrying her bag for her!October 22, 2010 – 9:52 am

M'Liss - THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for agreeing to take the picture
for Mary Margaret & Powers. They are fabulous. They are the best
quality I’ve ever seen.October 22, 2010 – 9:57 am

Kelly Simmonds - I am so impressed, awesome wedding photography!!!October 22, 2010 – 12:16 pm

Mollie Kendall - Oh my gawd you rocked it out! Beautiful!!October 22, 2010 – 1:50 pm

erin k wilson - aykm?! you were made to photograph weddings! awesome.October 22, 2010 – 1:59 pm

Tracy Waldrop - Your black and whites are to die for – Awesome work as usual!!October 24, 2010 – 9:44 pm

Amy - This is the first time I’ve seen one of your weddings. It’s gorgeous!! A treat for the eyes as always.October 25, 2010 – 12:03 pm

rachel - what? shut up. you ARE a wedding photographer. you’ve got skills. beautiful work, my friend.October 25, 2010 – 10:09 pm

Michelle Huesgen - Gorgeous job Kim! Whooo-hoooo!October 25, 2010 – 11:22 pm

Ashley Isaac - these are SO good! You rocked it out sista! May I ask, what lens did you use? The images are so crisp!October 25, 2010 – 11:48 pm

erin woolsey - hum…are you SURE you’re not a wedding photographer?!?!!!! these look SO amazing!!!! i love all the emotional moments you captured, the smiles, the eyes closed, the happiness…ohhh sigh πŸ˜€October 31, 2010 – 10:01 pm


i am an embarrassment to myself.

you know how you try to call your mom and she NEVER answers her cell phone and you are like “MOM! WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE A CELL PHONE IF YOU NEVER ANSWER IT?!”

well thats kind of how i feel about my blog. “KIM! WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE A BLOG IF YOU NEVER POST ANYTHING ON IT?!”

and im not really sure why.

i think it is because i am lazy and also because when i do post things i end up rambling and not making sense and regretting everything that i write/type.

basically i end up embarrassing myself.

but oh well. it is who i am. i am THAT girl.

i leave every photo session wishing i could have just shut my mouth half way through because i told the poor senior girl my entire life story.

i ask people inappropriate questions that are none of my business.

I shouldnt even be allowed to talk on the telephone because i hang up and then think WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. YOU. OH. MY. OBNOXIOUSNESS. KIM. ?

but i really like people and finding out things about them and making new friends so i kind of cant help it and if nothing else good comes from my obnoxiousness disorder hopefully i am at least somewhat entertaining to those who are struck by it.


i have decided that i am going to try to start blogging a mix of old senior sessions and new senior sessions since i am currently starting to get really busy with 2011 graduates and because i was super lame last year and didnt blog 95% of the 2010 graduates that i photographed.

here is an oldie but a goodie…

hair envy? yes.

Kim Bullen - Now stop all that doubting!!! I love it when you talk. Your talk is just like your blog…. very fun to listen to and read. Don’t stop talking. I love to listen. No worries… Blog when wanta blog and talk when you wanta talk.October 4, 2010 – 1:48 pm

brooke - funny, I totally relate.. I always feel the same way after I leave a session and usually after I post as well…

but with you at least, your posts are always quirky and funny. I’ll bet you are someone who’s super fun to be around. That coupled with your work being PERFECTLY AWESOME, I bet your client’s will forgive a little rambling or anything that you think of as embarrassing πŸ™‚ I sure like checking your blog.

BEAUTIFUL girl, beautiful post!October 4, 2010 – 2:21 pm

Natalie Clayshulte - Love, love, love the last one and the one where she is laughing. They are all beautiful!!October 4, 2010 – 2:45 pm

Misty Matz - Yes, beauty of a girl!! Love the laughter! I am exactly you Kim…I don’t even know what I’ve said after a session. I ramble on, ask too many personal questions, and also mumble to myself about what I’m doing…literally talking to myself. I want to be that composed and think before you talk type, but I can’t do that and be creative at the same time…October 4, 2010 – 3:10 pm

Sarah Castor - GORGEOUS!!!October 4, 2010 – 3:37 pm

Sharon - Amazing as always! Love the ones in b&w. You are so silly and adorable and always entertaining.October 4, 2010 – 5:22 pm

amy hurd - Kim…
You are like a gust of fresh cool air. Honest. Goodness. Pure refreshment.

Your adoring fan,
Amy Hurd πŸ˜€October 5, 2010 – 9:25 am

Monica - This post makes me happy, the way you are so honest and funny, how sunshiney and beautiful these picture are…you are wonderful!October 5, 2010 – 10:48 am

Erin Carlyle - You are so awesome and i’m so glad you are going to blog because I’m in LOVE with everything you do!!!!October 5, 2010 – 1:02 pm

Amy - By the title I thought we were going to get a juicy story… had me hooked. I love you for your quirks. It’s one of the most endearing things about you. Keep on keeping. No apologies for who you are. I know that is easier said than done though. I am that girl too and then turn around and think.. WTH?! Still laughing about the time I told a senior girl she could wipe her face on my shirt because she was shiney. She acted like I had lost my mind. Nope.. just never found it. πŸ˜€October 5, 2010 – 7:04 pm

Amy - LOVE the bw pics by the way. πŸ™‚October 5, 2010 – 7:05 pm

Stephanie - seriously? gorgeous.October 5, 2010 – 7:17 pm

angelique - you need to remember that everyone LOVES youuu:) and these pictures are fabulous. i lovelovelove the picture of her laughing.awesomeness.October 11, 2010 – 12:21 am

katie - those are some pretty awesome shoes….so awesome, that I went out and bought them myself!! hehe πŸ™‚October 14, 2010 – 10:54 pm

thank my lucky stars.

sometimes i jokingly tell my friends that they are lucky to have me…….Β you know because i photograph their families pretty much for free.

sometimes i say things that i really dont mean though because sometimes i think im funny and then sometimes i realize that its really just obnoxious.

i want you all to know that i am the lucky one.

so lucky to have such beautiful friends with such beautiful hearts…. and beautiful kids.

i might photograph their kids but they put up with me and they invite my family over and they feed us ( because lord knows i cant cook ) and they love my children like their own and they laugh at me even when im being offensive. they are my biggest fans and they encourage me to aim higher. they are pretty great.

and here is one of their wee little ones that we photographed quite a while back.

she has the healthiest booty you ever did see and we really wanted to get some photos of it before she started running around everywhere and lost her sweet baby fat and cute little toosh.

there are some much better close ups of her rump but we will save those for her momma πŸ™‚

Jamie Kutter - she is perfect! I think I’m stealing this idea for my Aubrey…so so cute!September 1, 2010 – 5:06 pm

Tim Pham - awww..what a super cute session ehheheSeptember 1, 2010 – 5:14 pm

Laura Hetzel - That first shot is just perfect. Beautiful light.September 1, 2010 – 5:20 pm

Charmaine - Oh, Kim. Thanks for these precious pics. I LOOOOVE this grandbaby! I get to kiss that booty. LOLSeptember 1, 2010 – 5:20 pm

Monica - Oh, Kim, Kim, Kim, I just love, love, love your work!!! Such squishable preciousness.September 1, 2010 – 6:49 pm

Stephanie - omgosh. stunning. you nail the senior chickies and the little chickies too! you rock, sista!September 1, 2010 – 7:23 pm

Christine DeSavino - Aaaaw – how gorgeous AND adorable all in one!September 1, 2010 – 8:34 pm

angelique - OH MY GOD! that child is completely beautiful.and you are just so amazing.and i know i say that every time.but it applies every time.i need a bigger vocabulary.September 2, 2010 – 5:54 pm

april todd - precious…love these!September 3, 2010 – 8:55 pm

Jennie - Kim….I am truely blessed to have such an obnoxious, funny, and talented friend like you. I AM one of your biggest fans and always will be. I love you and am forever grateful to you for your friendship:) BTW, thanks for helping me make Gigi’s booty unforgettable!!!!!September 5, 2010 – 5:20 pm

haley b - love these, kim!!!September 5, 2010 – 10:59 pm

Amy - gaaaah kim!!! these are SO, SO stinking adorable!! my heavens. seriously.September 6, 2010 – 10:35 pm

haley lancaster - I am positive your friends know how fabulous and thoughful you are. I know it and we are just cyber friends- not for long πŸ™‚

I bought a tub a year ago and never used it! I am totally inspired now. these are great pics!September 8, 2010 – 5:41 pm

kara elmore - I want to be one of the friends who lives close by … can we arrange it??????

I love love LOVE this set!!!September 17, 2010 – 2:45 pm

Julie Sowers - I just saw these. Amazing! This as an adorable idea and she is a precious baby! You also know how to write in a way that feels like you are in the room talking to us…in a heartfelt and honest way.September 30, 2010 – 10:30 am

Matt - Not sure how I missed this post until now, but these images are fantastic. Will Nikon ever get a 50mm 1.2? [sigh]October 13, 2010 – 11:59 am

my homies.

these two girls are past senior clients of mine that i have become friends with and photograph often. i just love to be around them. they have such beautiful spirits.

that sounded cheesy.

but what is that saying…. “you get what you put out” ? or something like that ….. well these ladies are putting out a whole lot of goodness into the world and surely they will get some of that goodness back. i see blindingly bright futures for them.

this session was just for me to have fun. i really wanted to experiment with some new lighting but i learned that day that i really dont like any kind of light but the good old natural sweet sunlight.

also i wont name names but someone was a good hour and a half late showing up for this session so my big plans were totally butchered. thanks linds πŸ™‚

she totally made fun of herself in this when i posted the above image on facebook because i made her dress up. im pretty sure she has never nor will ever wear this outfit ever again in her life πŸ™‚ but i thought she looked super cute anyway.

Tim Pham - gorgeous stuff as always kimbrali!August 31, 2010 – 11:07 am

Amber - These are all fantastic, but that close-up with the detail of the brick – divine! Love her freckles.August 31, 2010 – 11:11 am

Lindsey Delacerda - That close up of ains is amazing. I’m thinking about getting it blown up and framed in my apartment. Awkward? no. Smart.August 31, 2010 – 1:29 pm

Natalie Clayshulte - i adore the depth of field in these photographs! fantastic work as usual!August 31, 2010 – 3:29 pm

amy - oh my gosh.. I love love love these. They are so “you”. It totally shows that you had a great time shooting these.August 31, 2010 – 4:14 pm

Crystal Delahoz - Kim, these are just breathtaking. Seriously, just perfect. Those two seem so genuine … the best kind of people to photograph πŸ™‚August 31, 2010 – 9:30 pm

Ainsley - hahaha linds, ill blow one up for my apt if you blow one up of me for yours πŸ™‚ 123 break! Kimmy kim kim, i love you. new idea: come to TN and take some pics. you have a free place to stay!!! bring linds. we will have so much fun. and the scenery is gorgeous. for real. and we can pass miley cyrus’ house haha for realsSeptember 3, 2010 – 1:13 am

an almost mistake.

so i am not a wedding photographer. Β its honestly just too much work. too much stress. too much pressure.

and thats really sad because i love to photograph people that are in love.

so when haley sent me a quick email a few months ago asking if i photographed weddings i replied with a sweet sorry but no email.

fast forward a few weeks later and i end up photographing her engagement session and because i suffer from an insane lack of memory i totally didnt realize she had asked me to photograph her wedding.

near the end of the session i just blurt out ” why on earth didnt you ask me to photograph your wedding?!? i love you!” or something equally as well thought out.

and that is when she said “i did. you said no.”


but luckily it all worked out because i will be photographing her and gregs baton rouge afternoon rooftop wedding next year and im soooo so so excited. really.

i cant wait. i only email haley five times a week with annoying questions and ideas. poor girl. she didnt know what she was getting into.

it was at least 100 degrees the day that we met up in downtown BR for their session but haley is one of those freakish girls that doesn’t seem to sweat and their hair doesnt frizz.

craziness. needless to say she is going to be a gorgeous bride. and her groom isn’t too bad to look at either.

here is the sign in book that we designed using her engagement photos. simple layout with lots of white space for names and notes but i really dont think she is going to want anyone to write in it when she sees it in person.

Cristina - oh. my. goodness.
beautiful. and i am luvin’ that book!August 24, 2010 – 2:08 pm

Lauren Hammonds - fab ab fab – what a hot couple – LOVE the book and just wow!!!!August 24, 2010 – 2:15 pm

Tim Pham - amazing Kimbrali! I love the session and the sign in book..WOW!August 24, 2010 – 2:47 pm

katie hebert - Kim, your work is amazing as always. Small world…Haley is my step sister πŸ™‚August 24, 2010 – 5:20 pm

Misty Matz - Seriously beautiful beautiful! The angles, the processing, and she is super cute! I am in love with the dog ones ~ perfect!August 24, 2010 – 6:34 pm

lauren gauthier - breathtaking work as usual, kim! and that book is AMAZING!!!August 24, 2010 – 8:23 pm

amy - killer session! Love them all:)August 25, 2010 – 12:10 pm

Matt - Idon’t know what I’m more impressed with – the images, the rock star book, you doing a wedding, or that you didn’t use one swear word in this whole post. I’m proud of you on all 4 fronts.August 25, 2010 – 12:51 pm

angelique - AMAZING.

that’s all:)August 25, 2010 – 10:58 pm

Haley Wilson - Geez! What a hot couple πŸ™‚ You are the best and can make me look beautiful on my worst days. Thanks for all your help and involvement thus far with my dream wedding! It’s going to be aweeesome. High five on the book….it rocks heheAugust 26, 2010 – 4:53 pm

aunt sue zimmerman - OMG!!!! What a fine couple! Haley and Greg y’all look like a match made in heaven!! Great photography!!!…..you know how I LOVE pictures! Good work!August 26, 2010 – 9:32 pm

kara elmore - SOOOOOO … do people realize HOW LUCKY they are to 1) GET YOU to photograph them 2) get you to design amazing layouts for signing books and 3) GET YOU to have the amazing brain that you do so that EVERY PHOTOGRAPH is this amazing story and image and holy crap I could go on and ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you and I are SO twins … I email my clients random crap … and I self state that we are new best friends. Love love love it.August 27, 2010 – 2:04 pm

Tracy Waldrop - These are great as usual – Great work!!August 30, 2010 – 11:52 pm

Amy - I love what you wrote about what you said at the shoot. You make me laugh. The pictures are gorgeous. I LOVE that sign in book. You did a great job.August 31, 2010 – 12:13 am

haley lancaster - you love it because you are so good at it! these images rock- so so greatAugust 31, 2010 – 9:58 am

Monica - Oh my gorgeousness! You captured the love…even in the puppy!September 1, 2010 – 6:50 pm