a girl and her horse part deux.

this is actually the older sister of the other girl and her horse which you can see here.

this session was just for fun though. she is in college and will be in europe for a year to study abroad so her mom thought it would be fun to have some photos taken around their property with her horse and dog and all of the things she will miss.

she is one of four sisters and i have so much fun hanging around their house. they are that lovable good kind of funΒ crazy that you enjoy being around. i want so badly for my daughter to have that kind of relationship but its NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN. anytime soon πŸ™‚

i freaking love this image. she looks all marilyn monroe-ish. by the way…. they did this all on their own so i take no credit for the awesomeness. i could not have set this shot up to be so perfect in a million years.

and on another slightly depressing note….

ill be preparing for the hurricane the rest of the weekend and bunkering down monday and tuesday. i have no idea how this storm is going to play out so i will get back to everyone with emails and orders and deliveries as soon as humanly possible.

ill be keeping all of those closer to the gulf in my thoughts and prayers in the next few days.

and for those of you who read my blog i ask you to do the same.

thanks so much!

april todd - These are so pretty! Their property looks amazing, and makes for such powerful images! I will pray that everyone keeps safe!!August 31, 2008 – 8:36 pm

Ashley Isaac - These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I will be keeping all of you south LA folks in my thoughts and prayers. Please be safe!!September 1, 2008 – 12:48 am

Gina - BEAUTIFUL.. these pictures are amazing..September 1, 2008 – 11:20 am

Kara Ellmore - These are totally Marilyn Monroeish. You ARE SO AMAZING! Your mind works in great ways. πŸ™‚
And we will be praying for you and for those around you. Keep us updated if you can. The news people aren’t cutting it for me. πŸ™‚September 1, 2008 – 1:20 pm

angela - I love these Kimbrali! great work as usual. Stay safe, you and your family are in my thoughts.September 1, 2008 – 1:58 pm

Matt Nicolosi - Okay, that first image rocks. And for what it’s worth, the girl does look a little like Marilyn, but I think she looks more like Jessica Lange (I think) in the King Kong movie from when I was a kid. Very cool.

Maybe I’ll rent a horse for our engagement session later this month. If it doesn’t pan out, maybe I’ll ask Kylie to lean over and eat grass while I stand there all movie-starish.September 4, 2008 – 1:46 am

brooke drellos - WOW!! that first image needs to be on the opening of your website! Absolutely gorgeous, Kimbrali! And don’t you dare let Matt ask his fiance’ to bend down and eat grass….i’m laughing my butt off right now…. πŸ™‚September 4, 2008 – 6:53 pm

Amy Hathcock - These are GORGEOUS Kim!! (Matt – you crack me up!)September 4, 2008 – 8:59 pm

Melissa - she is sooo pretty! once again, kimbrali, you rock!! and matt…..that comment was hilarious about your fiance’ eating grass!! I laughed out loud!!!September 5, 2008 – 10:47 am

Sharon - You are a genius girl. These are beautiful!September 5, 2008 – 12:22 pm

Crystal DelaHoz - OMG. These totally rock! That first image is so great.

Matt, your comment made me laugh so hard.September 5, 2008 – 4:00 pm

Karen - ooooh, i LOVE her dress! awesome work, girl…gorgeous women!September 6, 2008 – 4:10 pm

Jill - Hi! Your photography is amazing! Where exactly are you in south la? I am in Picayune, MS about 15 mins from Slidell, LA. I would love to talk to you about taking some photos of my children if we are close enough.

Jill πŸ™‚September 7, 2008 – 9:28 pm

Stephanie - You’re crispness KILLS me! You are awesome. (bowing down, kissing your feet) πŸ™‚September 24, 2008 – 12:04 pm

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