these are a few of my favorite things.

i have been a terrible blogger. this i know. but the truth is i just do not at all have the time these days to share. i spend most days sitting in my chair editing senior photos from the minute i wake till i leave in the afternoon for a session and the last thing i feel like doing when i actually do have free time is sitting back in my chair and blogging about the photos i just spent all day editing.

got that? im really bad with the run on sentences. english was not my greatest subject. now give me a difficult math problem though and i will be aaaaall over it !

so. i actually do like blogging though so i decided i would just blog something a little different.

and here it is….

a few of my favorite things.

first off i am in love with my adriano goldshmied “jeans”.

you can buy them from anthropologie which is wear i bought mine because they have fabulous customer service or you can buy them from the ag site.

and why do i love these?

because they are the only jeans that fit me with that awesome elastic waistband πŸ™‚ which is sad but this is what happens when you sit in a chair all day. and they dont stretch out through the day like most of my other jeans do. they look awesome tucked into boots and they look saucy worn with heels. not that i would know personally since i dont do heels.

just go ahead and buy them. you can thank me later.

secondly i love my sonicare flexcare power toothbrush.

normally i would think it would be totally ridiculous to spend so much on something so silly but its amazing people….. and Β i found a really good deal on amazon.

i like that fresh dentist clean feeling every day. go get one.

i also love coffee. preferably community coffee sipped out of my happy green coffee mug. it tastes better when its in a colorful mug. trust me.

and then there are my most treasured possessions…. my poppys blankets. the first things i would grab if my house were to catch on fire.

these are what my poppy would wrap me up in as a little girl when i spent the night at their house growing up. he would also tickle my feet until i sell asleep while he ate sardines out of the can πŸ™‚

i miss him.

they are soft and tattered and they stay really cold and they bring back great memories.

then there are also the one of a kind works of art i have all over my house.

that is a limited edition pink paper camera made just for me by miss raeleigh. be jealous.

so these are just a few of my favorite things. id love for you to share with me some of yours too! feel free to share in the comments section down below.

angelique - anthropologie=<3March 9, 2010 – 4:06 pm

rachel - ok. i LOVE my adriano goldshmied’s! they are SO comfy… of course, i have boot cuts due to the need to “balance” my thighs πŸ™‚ haven’t seen these. totally cute. love your quilts too. i love to quilt…need to make more time to do it more!March 9, 2010 – 6:08 pm

lindsey - your jeans probably look great tucked into boots, not jeans. they’d probably look really weird tucked into jeans.March 10, 2010 – 2:53 am

bethelynk - love those jeans! i have been wearing AG for years! love this post. thanks for sharing things you love:)March 11, 2010 – 1:45 pm

april todd - Ok, now I am dying to get those jeans. Damn you Kim! LOL. Question: how are they on sizes- am I safe to buy my normal size, or do they run small, big, etc.

LOVE the coffee mug/blanket pics. Framers!March 11, 2010 – 10:18 pm

stephanie - KIM!!!! i love poppy’s blankets:) and the pink camera…tell rael i’m putting in my order…March 12, 2010 – 11:04 pm

kara elmore - SOO – call me crazy – but those green cabinets behind the quilts I adore … I love those. Where are those in your house? Did you paint them? I need details. I LOVE GREEN CABINETS!March 20, 2010 – 10:34 pm

invisible children.

tuesday, march 16th lafayette, la.

be there.

There is an invisible war going on in Africa: one man terrorizing 5 countries. His weapon: abducted children enslaved and forced to fight for the past 23 years. Invisible Children is a movement seeking to end this conflict and bring the children home. Their mission is to rebuild schools, educate future leaders, and provide jobs in Northern Uganda.

I know from personal experience that sometimes it seems impossible to make a difference on your own. Where do you start? Who do you help? Will it even matter? Can one measly college kid make that big of a difference? YES! All it takes is motivation and spirit. Instead of spending time complaining about the government, taxes, gas prices, or any of that nonsense, we can help rebuild a world that has been destroyed by cruel, heartless “leaders” and spread awareness of a righteous cause.

This one is for the nay-sayers, the oppressors, the people who say we aren’t going anywhere. This one’s for finding hope for the hopeless, fixing the un-fixable, changing the unchangeable. This is the perfect opportunity for us to join hands and fight together for a wounded world.

Now for the nitty gritty details that everyone wants to know:
-The showing is completely FREE!
-There will be merchandise available to buy from the roadies, in which 100% of the proceeds go back to Uganda to stimulate the economy.
-There will be free food!
-The Showing consists of the roadies coming to ULL and speaking about the cause, answering questions, and showing documentaries filmed by and about the campaign.
-Even though it takes place at a church, this isn’t a trick to convert you. God is cool, but this event is strictly about Invisible Children.

here is the link to the facebook group if youd like more information but you should just go there and click on the little attending button.

the more the merrier!!!

see you there πŸ™‚

Kaitlin Young - There facebook link says “not found.” I would love to go to this. Do they show a video? I may have to bring Reis.. he is a good in public baby but just asking.March 15, 2010 – 6:27 pm


in my next life i want to come back as a peppy beautiful tall lanky red head. or a bird. or a sea turtle.

im scared of deep water though so i guess the whole life in sea thing wouldnt work out. it will definitely have to be one of the others.

this girl did anything i asked her too. like flail her head around like a maniac so i could get a photo of her awesome hair.

i had so much fun πŸ™‚

i dont really believe in reincarnation though people. well maybe.

angelique - ahhhh, these are AWESOMEEEEEE. i want her hair.please?k, thanks.February 23, 2010 – 11:38 pm

Karen - ummmm, yeah, i’d totally love to come back as her (if i did believe in reincarnation, but i don’t!) hee hee RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS is an UNDERSTATEMENT. and CRAZY OUT OF THIS WORLD TALENTED does not do you justice, girlfriend! actuallly, on second thought…i’d like to come back as a photographer named Kimbrali! πŸ˜‰February 23, 2010 – 11:49 pm

ashleym - these are beautiful, Kimbrali! I would like to come back as her too.. so we will have to duke it out πŸ˜‰February 24, 2010 – 12:05 am

Ashley Isaac - wow, she’s HOT! i love her & i don’t even know her. i’m just a little partial to red’s πŸ˜‰ you rocked it out, as always!!February 24, 2010 – 12:28 am

Sarah Castor - I. LOVE. THESE. PHOTOGRAPHS! AWESOME! AS ALWAYS!February 24, 2010 – 12:39 am

stephanie - LOL. You are too much. And these are beautiful and so is she.February 24, 2010 – 8:24 am

Tracy Waldrop - You need to have your own column, really. What a hoot! Gorgeous shots!!February 24, 2010 – 2:53 pm

amy tate - Great job Kim!! Sydney you are so beautiful!!February 24, 2010 – 4:46 pm

Rachel - these are just beautiful!February 25, 2010 – 11:18 am

daniel - these shots are soOooO amazing!
i can’t even find the right words that would justify their “awesomeness”!
πŸ˜‰February 26, 2010 – 2:23 am

melissa - so pretty. love her hair!! and of course the pics are fabulous!!! you ROCK girl! …and btw, the new blog looks awesome!! so very YOU!March 1, 2010 – 7:28 pm

Laurie Fontenot - Kim, these are beautiful as always! I want this girl’s hair…awesome!!March 2, 2010 – 11:53 am

Crystal Delahoz - um, can I just come back as you and be a rockstar photog. Gaw! these are seriously to die for! Gorgeous girl!March 2, 2010 – 3:09 pm

Amy - ga-ga gorgeous. I could stare are the first four forever.March 2, 2010 – 6:51 pm

Julie - I love these, what an awesome shoot!!March 4, 2010 – 2:20 pm

Erin Woolsey - oh sweet goodness. first off, it’s been too long. i hope you are doing well :D. second off, YOUR NEW LOOK ROCKS!!!!!! I LOVE IT. my favorite is the immediate texture and warm colors. very calming and relaxing, makes me want to look your pics more and more :). who helped with the new look? πŸ™‚March 5, 2010 – 2:25 am

shanna - Julie, these are beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished product of my boys! Is this the cutie you were telling Ross he needed to meet? LOL!March 5, 2010 – 1:32 pm

Sara Geissler - I ABSOLUTELY love the last picture….so gorgeous!May 26, 2010 – 4:44 pm

yesterday was a bad day. really. really. bad.


wake up with a headache. luckily my son is the cutest creature on the entire planet and he woke up in a good mood and made me feel all better.

unfortunately daughter does not wake up in a good mood and she puts up such a fight when i attempt to brush her hair that i just let her go to school looking like a hobo. luckily i love her more than life so she can get away with it.


start tackling email.

attempt to put together a new ordering system for my website that requires a little more computer knowledge than i have. actually a lot more computer knowledge than i have.

waste half my day because i totally failed at the ordering system attempt.


senior session.

finally day is getting better! beautiful girl. lots of wind. great sunlight.

oh wait…….. Β car key falls out of pocket sometime during shoot in the hood around the train tracks.

day is not looking so hot again.Β luckily the senior and her mom and her little sister and her sister in law are angels and i adore them and they helped me search for that key until we found it right as the sun was disappearing.


pick up kiddos and really unhealthy fast food to feed us for dinner because husband is never home now that baseball season has begun.

son has melt down in bathtub because he can not find his disney rookie car to play with in bathtub.


way past kids bedtime yet we are still up making “brownie pops” for daughters late valentines day celebration at school.

plan a.

bake brownies in cute little mini rounded muffin pan. put on sucker stick. dip in chocolate. put on red and pink sprinkles then let harden and wrap up in adorable valentines day themed bags.

sounds fool proof.

not so much.

brownies stick to silicone baking mold. brownies fall off of stick. chocolate is everywhere and will not dry and harden on brownie. mess. big big mess. sprinkles all over floor.

put kids to bed because i am about to lose my mind.

move on to plan b.

bake two batches of plain old brownies.

one batch comes out hard as a rock. inedible.

cut up edible brownies into 15 little squares and package up for daughter to take to school in the morning.

bad day over!


but no no no wake up this morning to find out that daughter has a few more than 15 kids in her class so we end up ditching the brownies so no one will be left out.

i know it could be a lot worse though πŸ™‚ trust me.

none the less here are a few images from a couple i recently photographed. they make me smile and i could really use one of those right now.

haley lancaster - I hope today gets better! these pictures are great– cute couple- beautiful girl! Love the timelessness and casualness!February 18, 2010 – 1:50 pm

Jamie Kutter - you and I had about the same day yesterday…chaos! still not used to life with two kiddos! they are so worth it though~

these images are gorgeous!!!February 18, 2010 – 2:05 pm

Kathy - Oh Kim! I hope today makes up for yesterday. Amazing images. Love em! SMILE;)February 18, 2010 – 5:34 pm

Kaitlin Young - Aw I saw Lyndi at school today.. what a cute couple.February 18, 2010 – 9:29 pm

Kaitlin Young - wait. i just looked again. Is that her? lol. I dont think it is. Well whoever it is looks just like someone i knowFebruary 18, 2010 – 9:32 pm

Amy Martin - I triple puffy heart love this and the post before it πŸ™‚ sounds like my life! When are we starting that support group!?? For reall forget about the others… lets plan a night out like yesterday and sit and complain about our lives… LOL
PS…. I drug an antique Iron bed out into a field weeks before I left for Thailand for our family photoshoot and NEVER made Christmas cards!February 20, 2010 – 9:35 pm

Tracy Waldrop - I love reading your posts because they are so much like My LIfe. Great photos!!February 22, 2010 – 11:01 am

happy valentine’s day.

i had really big plans for my children’s valentine’s cards this year.

had big plans.

they didn’t happen.

thats how things work around here.

i bought a huge pack of red heart shaped balloons weeks ago and i was going to blow up hundreds of them and have the kiddos jumping around them in a big beautiful field but instead it has rained for like 10 years straight in southern louisiana and the wind was out of control the day we finally were able to take these photos so we ended up in a little corner downtown trying to get away from the wind. beckett was miserable and cold and raeleigh wouldnt stop posing so after 30 seconds of some super fast shooting we were back in the car calling it quits.

whatev. its all good. i dont expect things to go as planned anymore anyway πŸ™‚

so here is the inside spread of the card design that i DID end up making….

the same cards that never made their way into their envelopes and into the mail.

to all of my family. expect these some time in the next month or year πŸ™‚

love you all. happy valentine’s day.

PS rael was super proud of her heart shaped hands so next time you see her pretend like you knew they were supposed to be a heart and not a pair of pretend binoculars πŸ™‚

Aaron Martin - I want your son’s hair. Creepy? I think not.February 14, 2010 – 1:44 pm

Mollie Kendall - heh… things NEVER work with our own kiddos huh. I still love what you have! They are so so adorable!!February 15, 2010 – 8:38 pm

Rachel - sounds like we live at the same house…my plans usually work about as well as yours! the photos of your kids are super cute though!February 15, 2010 – 10:04 pm

Christine DeSavino - Love em! Your kids names are awesome, too!February 16, 2010 – 10:28 pm

Lisa Trakis - Ha! LOVE the binoculars…errr…hearts<3<3February 17, 2010 – 10:19 pm