krystle + michael.

krystle and michael were married at the grand opera house of the south in crowley, la last month.

the day was perfect just like i knew it would be.

krystle has a little obsession with vintage things.

she may or may not have driven her people crazy in the weeks prior to the wedding by saying the word – vintage – a thousand times. * these are her words people. not mine.

krystle is so freaking cute i can’t imagine her ever annoying anyone though but thats what she said happened when i asked her to explain the bridesmaid’s tees.

i love a girl who is ok with making fun of herself.

krystle is also a very crafty creative kind of gal. she filled up that opera house with so many beautiful *vintage* handmade decorations.

her step mom and step sister made this cake. it was fantastic in person. i can’t even imagine how long it took to make each on of those ruffles.
her bouquet was my favorite detail. there were silk flowers mixed in with the fresh flowers and chains and pearls and i dont know what all else was wrapped in that thing but it was magnificent!

the opera house has an empty third floor with the dreamiest light where krystle dressed with the help of her mom and sister. hello legs.a shy beauty.

krystle made these awesome programs for the ceremony that looked like old newspapers. she incorporated engagement photos in it as well as pictures and stories from her wedding planning process. good idea for you future brides!Β 

i love me a crying groom. michael is truly such a sweet guy. he adores krystle. like really adores her. it made my heart happy to see them so obviously in love.

krystle’s father walked her down the isle but he stopped at the end so she could give her step father a big hug.Β 

take note. this is how you kiss and celebrate your wife. bonus points for michael.

their reception was crazy in the best way possible. the dance floor was out of control until it was time for the bride and groom to leave.

i highly highly highly recommend their band – shimmur.

krystle and michael lets do this again. i had so much!!!! one year vow renewal?

Yucel - Love the textures in the cake shot and the cool black and white of the brides maids peeking over the programs.May 22, 2012 – 11:18 am

Natalie Clayshulte - These are awesome! I love the deep purple bridesmaid dresses. Beautiful work, Kim!June 14, 2012 – 10:11 am

meaghan + chris engaged.

they had a friend chauffeur us around up town new orleans for their engagement session so that i would not have to walk my very large pregnant rear around too much.

chris opened the car door for me.

they carried my bags for me.

they fed me the most delicious ice cream i have ever eaten in my 29 years of life. seriously. there were swirls of soft peanut butter in this stuff. drool.

they both have extreme dimples πŸ™‚

they are so obviously in love.

they are a dream to photograph.

just a few of the many reasons i can not wait until their wedding next june.

Natalie Clayshulte - She is gorgeous! Amazing photographs and I love the dimples too πŸ™‚December 13, 2011 – 12:08 pm

Bobbi - What fun images you take! πŸ˜€ Such a cute couple… πŸ™‚ Sending high fives!February 9, 2012 – 3:13 pm

stevie and jeff.

oh oh oh how i loved being part of this wedding.

they mean business when it comes to marriage. no messing around. when stevie and i met before her wedding to get to know each other and discuss details about her plans i left the restaurant so happy and hopeful. not only because i had inhaled Β a massive cheese filled omelet either. i was hopeful because i could tell how excited she truly was to become jeff’s wife. it wasnt the wedding that she was looking forward to. it was the marriage after the wedding.

my favorite part of our conversation that day was about their marriage license. in louisiana there are two options. youve got the good old traditional marriage license and then youve got the covenant marriage license. Β basically the covenant marriage is just harder to get out of. so thats exactly what stevie chose … because why on earth wouldnt she?

they wanted to be married in a little chapel in the middle of nowhere southern louisiana with only their family present. it was perfect.

stevie’s twin sisters were readers during the ceremony. so sweet.

and then they were husband and wife.

and we had just enough sunlight left to run across the street and celebrate with some lovey snuggly photos.

and they were quite excellent snugglers.

Tammy - Your photography is phenomenal Kim!!! This is breath taking! πŸ™‚November 10, 2011 – 3:00 pm

Stevie - Thank you for capturing the most beautiful moment of our lives in the most beautiful way.November 12, 2011 – 10:31 am

Vickie - As always, these are Blue Ribbon photographs, right here…Kim!November 14, 2011 – 12:44 pm

ashley and kyle.

this beautiful bride is one of my sister in laws best childhood friends.

i was more than happy to ride on over to alabama last month to document her wedding day.

i say ride on over instead of drive on over because i hitched a ride with the good ol in laws in the back of their SUV since they were wedding guests anyway. i think i will bring them to every wedding i shoot from here on out. they carried my bags and brought me water and made sure i wasnt going into labor every hour πŸ™‚ i was spoiled and it was wonderful.

ashley has the most adorable alabama accent now and i wish i had an audio clip of her saying GUY to share because i know you would love it as much as i do. its like GAAAAA instead of GUY. so cute.

ashley started off the day with a nice little toast getting ready in her hotel room with her bridesmaids.

they took good care of her too πŸ™‚ doing her hair and makeup and…. feeding her cake. and of course she flossed her teeth like a good little dental student should.

her bejeweled sash was gorgeous and i loved that she wore her grandmothers earrings and used her garter as well. something old and something blue!

the grooms nieces were perfectly beautiful little flower girls.a little alone time before the a lot of men kyle isnt the biggest fan of being photographed but he looks so happy here and i love how he is smiling down at his bride to be.and now mr. and mrs.reception time at the super cool matt jones art gallery in downtown birmingham.the band was beyond awesome and the dance floor was full all night long but i felt as if this guy really deserved some recognition. i can not remember what 80s song the band was playing but he was DEFINITELY feeling it.these girls have remained friends for most of their lives and it is so fun to watch them go through all of these big life changing events together. that adorable pregnant one is my lovely sister in law. she is growing my niece AND nephew in there all at once πŸ™‚ i made them take this corny picture to put in the babies scrapbook because i am positive these girls will be a huge part of their lives too.

congratulations you two. hope to see you soon! hugs.

Amy Martin - Look at you Miss Wedding Photographer πŸ˜‰September 16, 2011 – 12:27 am

tim pham - I love the story telling! I love these images Kimber! Congrats to the beautiful couple.September 16, 2011 – 1:02 am

ashley morrow - love them all kimmie!! can’t wait to see the rest πŸ™‚ beautiful job as always….love to you!!September 16, 2011 – 8:23 am

Lacey Yarborough - You captured this wedding beautifully! Love how you “narrated” the images! Hope you are feeling well!September 16, 2011 – 9:51 am

Amy - beautiful Kim, as always.September 16, 2011 – 9:53 am

Charlene Chavez - Beautifully captured, lucky couple to have you as their photographer!September 16, 2011 – 11:39 am

Emily Horton - Ashley’s dad and I LOVE the pictures!! You truly captured the beauty of the wedding and all of the happiness of the friends and family there! Cant wait to see the album!!September 16, 2011 – 7:50 pm

Lauryn - AMAZING as usual πŸ™‚September 16, 2011 – 10:28 pm

tracy routh - Damn Kim!!! You are so good! Looks like you were made to be a wedding photog! Wanna come to KC and shoot a wedding with me πŸ™‚September 20, 2011 – 9:42 am

why i suck at blogging.

i felt like i needed to get back into the swing of things with this here blog.

but first i thought i needed to give a little explanation as to why i totally suck at updating this guy.

1. we moved into a new house this summer and all of my free time went into remodeling and moving in. maybe ill share pictures one day when i finally get it cleaned up and decorated.

2. it was 100 plus degrees all summer and that sort of heat really isnt conducive to many awesome photo sessions.

3. ive been growing a giant hyper active baby in my stomach for the past 6 months πŸ™‚

little no name dude or dudette will be here early december and then you can expect an obnoxious amount of baby photos posted on here weekly πŸ™‚

Blaine - Lame excuses! I have your Blog sent to my email in my RSS feed. I almost deleted it the other day because you have been slacking so much. Get with it!September 15, 2011 – 9:43 pm

Janet McK - yay! I can’t wait for obnoxious baby pictures!! (really!)September 15, 2011 – 11:43 pm

jc - Yay! Welcome back to bloggin! I love your blog and have missed it!September 28, 2011 – 4:09 pm