Hi. My name is Kimbrali (pronounced “kim-bruh-lee” — sort of like Kimberly but a little more fun). The spelling of my name always confuses people, but my mom considered naming me Piccolo, so it obviously could have been worse.
I’m a mix of little bit of silly and sappy and a whole lot of happy. I think this is why I love photographing senior girls and weddings so much. With one I get to pretend to be a 17-year-old girl again, and with the other I get to watch two people promise their entire lives to each other. Pretty great, right? Photography is my dream job, and I cannot imagine doing anything else — except maybe being a bridal consultant on “Say Yes to the Dress” (that would be awesome).
Also, consider yourselves warned: I’m a cryer and a hugger. Please don’t make it awkward for us both when I go in to hug you when we meet.
I totally believe in LOVE, like real love — the super deep, no-matter-what kind of love — and I want to photograph that kind of love all the time.
I want to photograph couples that love each other like that.
I want to photograph senior girls that love life like that.
I want to photograph parents who love their kids like that.
I just want to photograph happiness.