Sarah and Chris…… and Bernie.

08/10/2013 2:00PM
hi there. you just popped up on my newsfeed and you are really great! i photograph seniors and weddings and live in carencro and have been doing this for a while and usually when i see new photogaphers online i’m like SON OF A B! SERIOUSLY! ANOTHER ONE? but you are totally super good. i hope this doesn’t come off as creepfest.
i tend to be a little on the obnoxious side sometimes.
anywho. i know you are way good enough to shoot weddings on your own but curious to know if you ever second shoot weddings?

thanks! happy saturday 🙂


First off, I am a 32 or 33 year old WOMAN and I still write like a junior high girl. I am aware of this. I was very tempted to edit that message above but I like to keep it real even if real means sounding completely uneducated.

I sent that Facebook message to Sarah after I saw her photography online more than two years ago and I am so glad that I did. I know we live in a very competitive world and I am a very insecure person by nature so I don’t love being compared to others but I have gained so much in life by reaching out to people that are my “competition”. I highly recommend everyone do this. Now your competition might turn out to be a real B and then you just learn you a lesson and move on to some other nice people. 🙂 Luckily, We have a really nice group of photographers down here in Southern La.

I am so looking forward to watching Sarah and Chris transition into this whole new phase of life together next month when they become husband and wife!

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