Madeline and Lance married.

This wedding had so many of my favorites things.

cool weather. sunshine. big families. Gorgeous flowers thanks to Mia with Root Floral Design. lots of flower girls. great friends. lots of love.

If you are wondering why the bride and her girls all look like super models it is because Madeline is in my opinion the most talented make-up artist around these parts. I have gotten to work with her team at Joie De Vivre salon in the past at other weddings and it was so fun to see Madeline as the bride this time.

and now that I am looking at this picture below on my computer screen all I want in life is a big piece of cake.


Let us pretend.

Let us pretend that my beautiful friend, Liz, here is still pregnant. Let us pretend that these were not taken months ago and let us pretend that she does not have a perfectly cute and fat baby boy at home with her right now that is already a month old.

Also, Let’s pretend that I did not lock my keys in my car at the end of their session.

Thanks for the drive home Sylvester family. xoxo


Natalie Clayshulte - These are! What a beautiful family!January 22, 2015 – 6:17 pm

Katie Lanclos - Liz I just love them, they are beautiful!January 22, 2015 – 10:24 pm

I forgot my log in information.

Not even kidding.

Every few weeks in 2014 I would think about blogging but then I could never figure out how to log in and make it happen.

So pathetic that it is funny.

BUT log in information has been recovered and I got a little fire up under my toosh to get back on this blog wagon.

So here we go…

Months ago Kristen and Graham showed me some good ol’ southern hospitality during their engagement session.

They drove me around the beautiful property of Grosse Savanne where Graham is a hunting and fishing guide. They also sent me home with a delicious box of cupcakes which I ate in the car. of course.

Thank you Kristen and Graham for the cupcakes and the company. So excited for your wedding this spring.










leslie and b.

b is actually leslie’s pet name for brett but i stole it and call him b too now because it is just so cute:)

this was just such a happy session. can you tell?

leslie’s happiness is contagious and she just giggled and smiled adoringly at her love and told him that he was “so silly” the entire time we were together.

i like being around them.


BrettLeslieEng2013-070BrettLeslieEng2013-007BrettLeslieEng2013-010bwBrettLeslieEng2013-066BrettLeslieEng2013-057BrettLeslieEng2013-043 copyBrettLeslieEng2013-041BrettLeslieEng2013-033BrettLeslieEng2013-028BrettLeslieEng2013-016

Lacey Yarborough - Love these! The first two black and white are absolutely breath-taking! :)January 13, 2014 – 10:01 pm

Lindsay - These pictures are lovely — you can really feel the love between this couple!July 2, 2014 – 12:50 am

family is everything.

this family is made up of the sweetest mother and the most patient dad and the cutest most cheekiest little boy around. i try not to use descriptive words too much when blogging about people because it can come off as insincere but this is not an exaggeration people. they will be welcoming another little guy into their family in 2014 and i hope he gets the cheeks too:)


Daylene Wilson - And this photography is everything as you’ve captured this beautiful family soulfully. Great job!November 29, 2014 – 9:38 am